KASTFORCE KF3002 portable welding table
KASTFORCE KF3002 portable welding table

KASTFORCE presents the top portable welding table you’ll find.

It is also pretty cheap, but you’d never even known it was very affordable using it.

Features KASTFORCE Portable Welding Table 

The quality indeed doesn’t point to cheaply made. The welding table has a fine setup on locking wheels and even has a shelf below for convenience.

This heavy-duty portable table has a top that measures 36 by 18”.

The top is made specifically for welding purposes, and the table thickness is ten gauges.

Furthermore, you’ll find a significant number of holes that are ideal for clamping and are 16mm each in diameter.

This welding table is slight on the heavy side, weighing almost 56lbs.

This should be a good indicator of the extreme duty nature of the welding table.

It comes to about 3ft tall as well.

You also cannot argue with that convenient shelf built-in below the welding table or the wheel that allows you to move your welding table wherever you need to.

This welding table is highly rated and is made with durable steel.

You can trust this tool to work for nearly any sort of work, even if you’ve to load it up and take it somewhere.

It does not fold, but the wheels make it simple to port around.


  • Has well-made welding tabletop with plenty of clamping holes and solid surface
  • Heavy-duty table made for extreme portability
  • Can easily handle weight up to 1200lbs
  • Includes a tray to allow you to port your gear with the welding table


  • Worksurface tends to get extremely warm when welding

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KASTFORCE KF3002 Portable Welding Table 

You cannot beat a portable table at a reasonable price such as this.

If you review the market, welding tables this solid and very suitable can often cost much for the same approach.

You’ll need to be careful of the heat of the welding table since it doesn’t have slots for heat elimination, but as a welder, you most likely are already cautious about warmth as it is.

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Assembling Kastforce Welding Table

Read Next – KASTFORCE KF3002 Portable Welding Table

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