Best Work Boots for Welding 2020
Best Work Boots for Welding 2020

While most welders know they need to invest in high-quality gloves and masks, one piece of equipment that is generally overlooked is a pair of safety work boots.

If you are a professional welder or weekend enthusiast, it is essential to find work boots specifically designed to prevent injury from the hazards of the job.

Features Caterpillar Revolver Review

Caterpillar Revolver boots can be an alternative if you don’t like the idea of ​​laces.

Nothing is worse than a tip that comes loose during work or burns during welding.

Caterpillar Revolver Review
Caterpillar Revolver Review

These calf-high boots offer the necessary protection without sacrificing comfort.

The upper of the Revolver Slip-On Boots are made from full-grain leather, which is water and fire-resistant.

With its Goodyear frame construction, which has become the gold standard for the shoe industry, the boot is robust and durable.

There is no protector for the midfoot, although, without cords that could catch fire, it could be argued that they don’t need one.

The shoe contains steel caps that protect the bottom of the foot. A PVC midsole provides shock absorption for a more comfortable shoe for long hours.

Where you get the added protection, it extends to the calves, something ankle-length sweat boots can’t offer. Toe rings on the side of the shoes make it easier to put on and take off.


Waterproof and fire-resistant leather upper.
Goodyear frame structure for durability.
Electric, thermal and non-slip sole.
Offers more protection for the lower leg.
There are no cords that can catch fire.
Steel lids for protection.
Lightweight compared to many boots with Met Guards.
Easy to put on and take off.


Higher boots like this often take longer to get inside.
There are no additional functions for convenience.
There are no guards

Instead of tying around the ankle, Caterpillar revolver boots pull on the calves.

The fire retardant and water repellent leather, combined with steel covers, offer a lot of protection. Since there are no shoelaces, this is one less thing to catch fire.

Revolver Slip-On Boots
Revolver Slip-On Boots

How To Buy Perfect Welding Boots 2022?

There are several things to keep in mind when buying work boots.

The best welding boots have several built-in safety features that protect you on the job.

Understanding these features will give you a better idea of ​​how a pair of boots work for you and narrow your options.

Heat-resistant material and construction

Heat-resistant boot material One of the most significant safety risks when welding is extreme temperatures.

Regardless of the type of weld you are working with. You will face something that can reach several thousand degrees.

To avoid burns, you should invest in boots made of a heat-resistant material like leather.

Leather offers you the most protection. Other cheaper materials can shrink and warp after a few minutes of exposure.

However, the leather forms an effective barrier between the welding torch and your foot.

Welder at work Also, the material can protect you a little from sparks or molten metal.

Although not impenetrable, the burn takes a few minutes, so you have time to remove your boot before the material burns the leather.

In addition to choosing leather, you should also pay attention to the boot’s construction. It is recommended to avoid large tongues, grommets, and other spaces where the molten metal can get stuck.

Stick to relatively slippery boots to ensure hot material can slide off easily. Also, pay attention to the material and the quality of the seams.

Stitches should be reinforced for durability and security.

You should also use yarns made from materials like Kevlar, which is inherently fireproof.

Caterpillar Revolver Review
Caterpillar Revolver Review

Slip-on or laces?

Lace-up boots generally offer a more comfortable fit. You can easily manipulate the tension at various points along your foot to ensure the shoe is secure.

However, beads can be very dangerous when welding.

Not only do they make it difficult to remove your boots quickly, but the laces can also catch fire with sparks.

It is better to buy boots with certain safety precautions. Many boots have leather protection that extends over the laces.

Protects them from sparks without compromising the overall fit of your boots.

Another option is to get zipped or quick-release boots.

If you wear these boots, you can use the laces for a good fit. In the event of an accident, the alternative closure method will help you remove your shoes immediately.
Safety fingers and protectors – midfoot boots

Steel Safety Cap In addition to the dangers of sparks and hot material, you must also be protected from device accidents in your work environment.

Heavy objects such as welding cars, tanks, or things you are working on can cause considerable damage if they fall or roll onto your feet.

This is the case when a safety toe and metatarsal protection are helpful.

Safety fingers can be made of various materials and serve as permanent protection.

To weld, using a compound toe that does not conduct electricity is reasonable.

The same applies to midfoot protectors that extend over the top of the foot to prevent crush injuries.

Shock resistance

Depending on the type of weld, you may want to invest in shockproof boots.

Your welding machine and exposed wires can cause a fatal blow.

Many boots protect you from electric shocks of up to 600 volts.

They have a non-conductive rubber outsole and composite safety features to ensure your body remains grounded.

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Comfort and fit of welding shoes

What use is a pair of work boots if they are painful to wear?

It would be best if you always looked for convenient features tailored to your specific problems.

Choose options with firm padding and a cushioned insole if you are prone to foot fatigue.

If you need more support during the day, look for boots with a contoured insole, a raised arch, and a firm axle to keep them stable.

The key is finding boots designed for comfort and safety to ensure you don’t feel the effects of work after going out.

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With the many options available on the market, you should have no trouble finding a pair of suitable welder work boots.

Investing in boots that meet the job’s specific challenges is essential to ensure you are always safe. You can work safely with the right pair of boots.

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