Best Welding Helmets Under $150
Best Welding Helmets Under $150

Safety is a priority in everything we do. If you are looking for total protection on your face, eyes, and neck while doing your jobs, you must choose the latest in welder’s helmets because they are the best personal equipment for your protection.

A few years ago, an electronic shutter technology with LCD was introduced whose purpose is automatically obscured upon detecting the brightness signal.

With automatic welding helmets, you don’t have to be lowering the mask over your face.

The current automatic welding helmet has the advantage of calculating the entire process by itself, which saves you a lot of time and also reduces the danger of exposure to those harmful rays of light that are detached from the welding activity.

The best welding helmets 2022: Comparison

Now you will be looking for thousands of options, the automatic welding helmet that best suits your interests.

We know that in every purchase, the price is something fundamental, but what else should you know about welder safety helmets?

Here I have prepared a small guide of the best welding helmets for you to know its advantages.

KKmoon Arc Tig Mig Grinding Eagle

This welder safety helmet has an adjustable harness incorporating a fully washable sweatband.

It uses high-performance solar cells and two 3V lithium batteries as backup power as a power sources. Users can have more than two years of battery life.

Its filter screen automatically changes from dark to light according to its set delay time.

Feel your eyes and face fully protected against UV / IR radiation throughout its use, even with light.

KKmoon Darkening Solar Welding Helmet Mask Arc Tig Mig Grinding Eagle
KKmoon Darkening Solar Welding Helmet Mask Arc Tig Mig Grinding Eagle

This allows you more comfort in your work. The electronic welding screen automatically changes from light to dark in just 1 / 25,000 seconds when you start welding.

The time for the filter to return to the erase state can be varied—futuristic and ergonomic design, in black and blue colors.

Automatic Welding Mask, Tacklife PAH04D

Comfort is its motto. It was made of high-impact polyamide material, with a full face sponge that perfectly covers the front, middle, and back, with sweat absorbent fabric cover to dissipate body temperature.

As for its batteries, it combines one solar cell one lithium battery.

It presents the novelty in its degree of optics 1/1/1/1 and four sensors for adjusting its sensitivity in high, medium, and low speed, making the welding work more efficient.

The technology of glass in 4 degrees: optical, luminosity, homogeneity, and dependence of angle, fundamental bases for its security, and very high quality.

Welding Helmet, Tacklife PAH04D
Welding Helmet, Tacklife PAH04D

Six lenses per helmet, for multiple protection of your eyesight, in a large window (98 * 43 mm), and a full-color enhancement range (4 / 4-8 / 9-13), with anti-UV / IR up to DIN 16. For ultraviolet radiation, UV transmission ≤ 0.00002%, and IR transmittance ≤0.03% for Infrared radiation.

LE SOLEIL Automatic Welding Helmet

They have an automatic auto-dimming system to defend against ultraviolet and infrared radiation, as well as an anti-glare system.

It works automatically when an arc is struck, changing from one state of light to another, and returning to its normal state when the welding stops.

They are welding glasses with adjustable screens designed to protect the eyes from sparks and radiation, being also light, resistant, and applicable mainly to gas welding, steel, cutting, among others.

LESOLEIL Electrical Welding Helmet Mask
LE SOLEIL Electrical Welding Helmet Mask

They are prepared by Vogué, one of the leading brands in technological design and innovation in the eyewear market. Since it uses solar headsets, it does not require battery replacement.

Variable speed: 1/25000 Adjustable hue from DIN 9 to DIN 13. Materials: PC (lens) ABS. Weight 99.8 grams. Colors: black support, with violet lenses.

KKmoon Solar Helmet

The KKmoon welder safety helmet is also one of the best on amazon for its excellent materials and technology for user safety. Its whole UV / IR protection level goes to Shade 16 (DIN) during use.

It provides high benefits in comfort since it has a unique tape design at the top and bottom, allowing easy adjustment according to your need, closer or further from your face.

KKmoon Solar Energy Welding
KKmoon Solar Energy Welding

Sweat will not be a problem when welding because it includes a washable band.

The electronic welding screen has a filter that automatically changes from light to dark in just 1 / 25,000 seconds. The operator can vary the time for the filter to return to a clear state.

By simply turning the switch, the setting sensitivity is varied in the high/low position.

As a power source, it uses high-performance solar cells and 2 Built-in 3V lithium batteries within its power reserve.

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Esab 0700000400 Warrior Tech Welding Screen

The latest Esab technology has developed these welding shields with its materials’ best manufacturing and use.

He will be so protected that he will not want to take it off.

Its design and structure are based on the protection of users against sparks, heat, and splashes during their work.

Welding screen Warrior Tech of Esab 0700000400
Welding screen Warrior Tech of Esab 0700000400

Ultra-light and resistant helmet made of nylon in black and yellow versions.

Its electric welding screen has dimensions of 97x47mm in terms of its filter, offering more spatial perception and vision.

Technology implemented efficiently to provide high brightness excellent optical and technological work on the same product.

It has four front arc sensors to give every professional welder a fast and accurate response. Its din protection varies from 9-13 filters with 1/2/1/2.

The level of regulation can be adjusted externally. On the contrary, the time laundering and the sensitivity can be manipulated from within the mask.

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Buying guide: What to know before buying welding helmets

When acquiring an automatic welder helmet, it is vital to observe details in its factory materials, the densities in weight and size concerning its size, the versatility of it to perform the activity, and very important, as well as the advances for its more excellent protection such as glass.

By having all these items in mind, choosing your product will benefit you immensely!


The size of this type of implement counts a lot. It is necessary to be very attentive to the indications of the product in this sense since the comfort that it can give to him at the time of carrying out the activity surpasses even his high technology.

The size is directly related to the size of each user.


Another fundamental aspect to consider inside for the comfort of your activity is the weight here. The materials with which the helmets develop are increasingly dynamic and light, but keep it in mind when compared with another manufacturing less favorable.

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Forget those old static helmets and change to the current advantages that improve their functions by making them adjustable in the required ranges. Verify the location of the adjustment buttons to choose the best option since they vary in the area In each model.


The priority purpose of these elements is protection, exposure to ultraviolet and infrared rays emitted by welding sparks, causing severe eye and skin lesions.

So choose the best for your eyesight, and be sure to select the highest quality in your favor.

Check the materials with which the electric welding screens are coated. They must be resistant to shocks and cracks because the pampers can put the same protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays at risk.

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Helmet glass

The quality of the helmet’s glass is another element to evaluate.

Welding protection screens are made with tinted glass, woven plastics, and variable density filters made from polarized lenses are also used.

They must comply with international industrial standards such as ANSI Z87.1 +, which details the benefits of various eye care and protection devices.

This standard is voluntary for manufacturers, so it must be verified on each product.

Best Welding Helmet 2021-22 🏆 Top 5 Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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CANAWELD Auto Darkening 1/1/1/1 Best Optical Class True Color Welding Helmet 3.94x 3.85 Super Large Viewing Area Solar Powered Welder Mask with 4 Sensors (Black Infinite)

$110.00  in stock
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

Hobart 770890 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

 in stock
5 new from $111.94
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

Tekware Large Viewing Screen Welding Helmet Auto Darkening, Luminous True Color Welding Hood Solar Powered, Hemispherical 4C Lens, 4 Arc Sensor Variable Shade 4~5/9-9/13 for TIG MIG Arc Welders Mask

$89.99  in stock
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

YESWELDER Large Viewing 3.94"X3.66" True Color Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4~5/9-9/13 for TIG MIG Arc Weld Grinding Welder Mask LYG-M800H-VM

$99.99  in stock
2 new from $99.99
1 used from $86.71
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

YESWELDER Panoramic 180 View Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Side View, True Color Highest Optical 1/1/1/1, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade 4/5-9/9-13 with Grinding for TIG MIG MMA Plasma

 in stock
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

Hobart 770875 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

$129.99  in stock
2 new from $129.99
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

Save Phace 3011629 Dead King 40-Vizl2 Series Welding Helmet

 in stock
3 new from $76.48
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

ESAB 0700000480 Black Savage A40 Welding Helmet

$140.00  in stock
4 new from $140.00
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

Forney - 55938 PRO Series Warhawk ADF Welding Helmet

$118.79  in stock
6 new from $118.79
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am

Hobart 770874 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

 in stock
as of December 4, 2022 3:54 am