Best Welding Helmets
Best Welding Helmets

Are you looking for the Best Welding Helmets 2021?

Let us guide you in choosing the top-rated Auto Darkening Welding Helmet in 2021.

Buying a welding helmet is a must for any welder. Not having good eye protection carries high risks of vision loss.

For this reason, it is important to use a quality welding helmet that protects you from UV / IR rays, as well as avoiding possible burns.

Next, you have the best electronic welding helmets.

In case your budget is low, check out these helmets as well.

Welding is an essential element in many professions; for example, in the smithy.

Lacking eye protection can pose great risks, especially in vision loss.

That is why it is necessary to have a good Helmet that can protect you from these UV / IR attack and take care of burns that can be caused.

There are really bad products in this category, sometimes certain brands sell units with glass so dark that it is impossible to see through it.

Others, simply despite being charged, do not ignite when welding.

Also, the durability and shelf life of certain units is questionable because of their weak characteristic.

However, and after a vast experience in the world of DIY, I have managed to acquire good quality products at a fairly affordable, economical and less expensive price than others in the market. We invite you to read this comparative article so you can buy safely.

Best Welding Helmets 2021

One aspect to consider in this purchase is the weight of the welding Helmet.

In order to reduce fatigue, fatigue and increase the feeling of comfort in long working hours, the operator must decide to buy the unit that offers the least weight;

This will reduce and greatly facilitate the work of carrying something heavy on your head.

Best Welding Helmets
Best Welding Helmets

The change in lens speed is another point to be limited. This shows how quickly auto-adjusts the lenses.

There are different brands that include several levels; Without a doubt, the best option will be the one that offers the fastest speed.

The sensor number should not be left out. Users must get a product with the largest number of sensors since the more there are, there will be more coverage of the Helmet as such.

Prevention is better than cure, and this saying is completely true in the context of welding helmets.

And it is that these helmets protect the eyes, face and neck against the flames generated along with any type of welding.

Best Welding Helmet Reviews 2021

But the best thing about welding helmets is that they improve their work efficiency by holding them hands-free.

Therefore, welding will no longer seem risky if you use a high-quality auto-darkening welding helmet. And it is that with a mask for automatic welding you forget about any possible risk.

And as we know you need it, in this article we show you what is the best electronic welding helmet, among many other things that will help you know what welding helmet to buy. What are you waiting for?

Lincoln Electric 3350 Series – TOP PICK

Lincoln Electric 3350 Series

It fully complies with one of the most important aspects: weight.

This unit of just 3 grams has a perfect calibration of the optical capacity, with reference code (EN379).

In addition, it has a continuous variability of 5 to 13, and a shadow with internal control. It also has a high sensitivity.

  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Largest viewing area in class
  • Comfortable and balanced design
  • The high price is out of the budget of many hobbyists


Jackson Safety Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety welding helmet

With its European certification 89/686 / EEC this equipment is trained to reduce the risks to a minimum. It has filters (varied filtering options) for the most professional workers.

The lateral vision is improved in this product, increasing safety. It has been manufactured in carbon.

  • Perfect optical clarity
  • Easily adjusted headgear


  • Heavy
  • Not as comfortable as competitors
  • Low shade variability


3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100

This equipment has incredible functionalities, especially its automatic darkening. It has a variability of the dark tone that goes from 8 to 12 with a force of 12 volts.

Let’s not leave out the fixing of the clear tones, especially at the time of grinding. Its price-quality ratio is incredible.

The 3M Speedglas 9100 welding helmet is one of the main competitors for the best welding helmet on the market for certain reasons.

The 06-0100-30SW is an excellent welding helmet in the category for its main features, including an oversized helmet, which is suitable for most types of users.

Quick response automatic dimming filter

This welding helmet is also excellent for its 9100XX automatic darkening filter which makes work easier. There is no difficult task if you take the 9100 with you.

The 3M Speedglas welding helmet has an automatic darkening filter which can respond to only 0.1 milliseconds. The filter can also alert us in case of a welding arc, darken automatically if this is the case.

Filtered windows

The 9100 is also safe to use, which makes our work faster because we don’t have to adjust the welding helmet at all.

And if you are concerned about UV and infrared rays, don’t worry about the welding helmet, because it can protect you and your eyes from this radiation.

This product also has a window on each side, which increases your peripheral view.

But that’s not all, because these windows also have a filter that can be adjusted in five ways to darken or lighten each side.


  • It weighs just over two pounds.
  • Extra-large filter window.
  • Suitable for those with a head size of up to eight.
  • It has two buttons that operate in two different positions.
  • With adjustable straps in the crown area.
  • The entire helmet has an ergonomic design.
  • Includes two side windows.


  • The adjustable design allows you to customize the helmet for your head.
  • Includes five shutters on the side windows and multiple shutters on the filter.
  • Improves and expands your total field of vision.
  • Quickly respond to all flashes and arcs.
  • Designed for use during TIG, Stick and MIG welding applications, as well as grinding.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of eye damage.
  • It includes several features that make the helmet more comfortable.


  • Some users have noticed a small number of flash burns near the side windows.
  • The heavy design of the helmet can be awkward.
  • You can feel warm when wearing the helmet.


Miller Digital Elite Welding Helmet


  • Great visibility
  • Digital controls
  • Headgear needs constant adjustment
  • Lens reliability issues
  • Lens latch is a weak link

Tanox Pro Digital Welding Helmet

This product integrates a lithium battery that can be powered by solar energy – with energy efficiency class. Its wide field of view is governed by the dimensions of 3.86 × 2.4 inches.

It has the ability to automatically darken and provide protection to the eyes and facial parts. It has 180 degrees of rotation.

Solter Optimistic 100 Welding Helmet

It has a fantastic panoramic behind the glass of 39 x 96 mm. In addition, its changeable battery is recharged through solar panels.

Solter Optimistic 100
Solter Optimistic 100

Its optical quality is 1/3/2. It has four sensors and regulation of the micro-adjustable sensitivity.

A cheap and pretty good model. It has an LCD screen.

DekoPro Welding Helmet

It offers a large field of vision, comfortable, clean and crisp, while the automatic darkening filter changes from light to dark in 1/25000 seconds, thus offering you unmatched optical protection. It is quite how to carry and lightweight.

  • Low price
  • Poor shade variability
  • Average viewing size
  • Not dark enough to offer full protection during welding
  • No way to mount a cheater lens

FIXKIT Solar Welding Helmet Large Field Vision

FIXKIT Solar Welding Helmet Large Field Vision
FIXKIT Solar Welding Helmet Large Field Vision


This automatic welding Helmet is easy to operate. Thanks to its built-in multiple buttons, you can comfortably adjust the sensitivity, make a delay adjustment, color number setting.

In addition, it has a polished status button and low voltage indication, convenient and intuitive.

Esab Sentinel A50 Welding Helmet

All his designs are true bestiality. This welding Helmet model has its power supply secured by the integrated solar cell. Ideal for freehand work.

Its darkening level is adjustable from 9 to 13 DIN. Not recommended for oxyacetylene.

  • Looks like the “HALO” helmets
  • Backlit, color touchscreen control panel
  • Very high price
  • Smaller viewing area than competitors

This auto-darkening welding helmet is the fast reaction, thanks to its sensor, and variable shade, so it perfectly prevents harmful radiation from ultraviolet and infrared rays and eye damage, which is its great advantage.


Schweisskraft VarioProtect® welding Helmet

It has a magnificent ideal optical grade window. Its automatic display darkens as soon as it detects the electrode light.

If there is no electrode light, the point where you want to weld is perfectly visible.

Miller Digital Elite

Best Welding Helmets Buyer Guide 2021

What is Welding Helmet?

A welder mask is a safety tool for any operator who will perform a strong weld.

The welder’s mask, also known as the welder’s mask, protects the operator’s view during welding by means of a protective shield and allows the welding to be observed by means of a darkened glass that protects the view from the light intensity of the weld.

There are several types of masks and masks to weld, you can learn a little more from them below.

what is Welding Helmet
what is Welding Helmet

Types of Welder Masks

Although there are several types of welding helmets, the best known and most popular are electric and automatic. But they are not the only masks.

Welding is a process that was invented decades ago and welding tools have evolved a lot. Learn what types of welding helmets exist in the market and choose the one you like best.

Welding Screen and Hand Masks

One of the first masks for welders that appeared on the market are manual screens.

They are like a welder’s shield, made of metal with protective glass for the welder, which protects the professional’s eyesight through a very dark glass. You must dedicate one of your hands to hold the mas for a welder mask of this type. The other hand will be used for welding.

Welding Screen and Hand Masks
Welding Screen and Hand Masks

Pros and Cons of manual welding screens

The pros of manual masks are basically the price. welding helmets are cheap and are ideal for those who want to save some money. However, it has many cons.

On the one hand, these screens are manual, which causes you to have to use one of your hands to hold them.

This is not very comfortable and nothing useful when you need to do professional welding.

Another problem with these welding helmets is that the glass is always dark. That means you won’t see anything through the glass until you start welding.

Photosensitive welder mask

These types of welding helmets appeared later, they were an improvement of the manual screens for the operators.

The main improvement, in this case, is the release of the hands. welding helmets allow the welder to have both hands free, since they are attached to the head and allow more precise welding, however, not all are advantages

Pros And Cons of photosensitive welding helmets

Although the main pro of this type of welding helmet is that both hands are released, they still have the vision problem.

The crystals are photosensitive and are by default in total darkness until they detect some light and that is when they clear up. That is why, despite being better than manuals, we do not consider them the best option.

Automatic Welding Helmets

Without a doubt, I assure you that these types of welding helmets are the best. Electronic masks are the best type of welding helmet.

They are usually shaped like a helmet, attached to the welding operator’s head, and have automatic crystals that lighten and darken depending on the amount of light that impacts it. This feature makes this type of welding helmets the best in the market

Pros and cons of the ELECTRONIC mask for welding

Electronic welding helmets are the best choice today. They allow both hands-free, full visibility before, during and after welding, and they are also comfortable to wear.

However, its main and possibly only weak point is its price. The price of the electronic mask is usually around € 50 or € 100.

What is a Welding Helmet?

Protect your skin

When welding, many hot wastes are produced from the materials used.

These can fly to your face and burn or cut you. With a good Helmet, you will keep them away from your skin.

Protect your eyes

The lenses of the Helmets have special darkening functions that protect your eyes from the intense light that occurs when welding, which could damage your retinas and spoil your eyesight if you do not use any protection.

Reduces fatigue

Modern welding Helmets are quite light and comfortable to use, unlike older models that were excessively heavy and caused heavy muscle discomfort to welders.

Now you can use them for hours and hours and they won’t bother you.

Why is the welding helmet necessary?

Whether you are a professional welder or passionate about hovering, you should invest in a high-quality welding helmet at some point.

Welding helmets are used to protect the welder’s eyes, face, and neck from hot sparks, ultraviolet light, infrared light,t and extreme heat.

Ultraviolet light from the welding flash can cause photokeratitis (consider “arc eye” or “flash burn” ), a painful eye condition that is described as “sunburn on the cornea,” which feels as if you had sand in the eyes and teary eyes.

The symptoms are usually short-term and recoverable with rest and suppression of the irritant, but prolonged exposure can cause long-term damage to the retina.

Welding helmets have dark faceplates with a UV filter that prevents eye damage and leaves a more comfortable welding experience.

Welding helmets are only one component of welding safety equipment. It should also be considered to invest in welding gloves, welding jackets, welding pants and respirators for welding helmets.

If you are primarily only welding torches, welding and/or cutting torches, then you may prefer to use welding lenses.

Welding helmets are also frequently known as welding helmets, welding helmets, welding helmets, welding helmets, or welding shields. But in all cases, we talk about the same protection.

Next, we will tell you what factors you should consider before buying a welding helmet:

Types of welding helmets: traditional VS automatic welding helmet

Mainly, there are two types of welding helmets, traditional welding helmets, passive or automatic darkening helmets, which we normally call automatic welding helmets.

The first decision you should make before buying a welding helmet is this, what kind of helmet do you want.

But if you do not decide, here we tell you the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the types of welding helmets:

Traditional welding helmet

Passive or standard welding helmets are also known as traditional welding helmets. These have been very popular welding helmets and are widely used since the beginning.

Shadow shade ten is offered in each and every one of the passive welding helmets. The user has to use passive welding in the upper situation while putting the electrode, the torch or the gun;

When positioning is done and the user is ready to glue the bow, immediately before gluing, the helmet is immediately put into position through a quick click or a knot of the operator’s neck.

Advantages of traditional welding helmets
Advantages of traditional welding helmets

Advantages of traditional welding helmets

  • The passive welding helmet lens uses ultraviolet and infrared glass with dark tints.
  • This helmet class offers tough and economical safety protection.
  • Standard welding helmets are uniquely made of molded plastics, so these welding helmets are offered at fairly low costs and these helmets are very accessible.

Disadvantages of standard welding helmets

  • For less experienced or novice welders, or for a person who does not weld with a certain frequency, the passive welding helmet can be conflicting, since it can be quite difficult for the welder to put the electrode or the gun when the helmet is adjusted in the situation and this can cause bad welding begins to lead to welding defects.
  • The repetitive process of turning the helmet upside down and face down can cause fatigue in the welder’s neck and, in certain extreme cases, it can also cause neck injury.
  • Some short welds can be really difficult and there is usually a need to repeatedly flip the welding helmet since the welder cannot see through the vision lens of this type of helmet.
  • Occasionally, failure of the helmet to position and block in time even before hitting the bow can cause an accident.

Automatic welding helmets | Features of an auto-darkening welding helmet

Automatic darkening welding helmets, or automatic welding helmets, are light reactive welding helmets and the most advanced type. These helmets are modern models that are quite different from passive or standards.

The auto-darkening helmet generally has a three or four shadow display lens when it is inactive, which lets the welder see through it. When the welding helmet sensors notice an arc principle, in a fraction of a second,d the lens darkens to shade eight a thirteen shade according to the welding genre or the sensors’ heats.

Advantages of automatic welding helmets

  • It is not necessary to turn the helmet repetitively since the helmet lets the user see through the viewing lens and the positioning of the electrode or the gun can be done with perfection.
  • Welding work can be done easily without discomfort or neck fatigue and danger of injury.
  • Short and difficult to perform welds can be easily handled without discomfort.

Disadvantages of automatic welding helmets

  • Automatic darkening helmets are more expensive due to the advanced technologies and materials used in these helmets’ manufactures.
  • There is a danger that the helmets will be damaged if they are not handled very carefully and the helmet sensors may also fail or wear out over time.
  • These helmets use battery power to be active, so they must pay for a lifetime to purchase new batteries.

What you should look for in a good welding Helmet

Lens darkening system

The automatic lenses darken the moment they enter the welding machine turns on and comes into contact with the light it emits.

For their part, the manuals must be activated by the user. Both obscure the vision but allow you to see everything clearly and without obstacles.


You should always try to choose light models since you can use them for a greater amount of hours and without fatigue.

Varied or fixed lightning

Depending on the type of welding you use, you will need different types of lenses. The good thing about choosing automatic Helmets is that their lenses adjust to the necessary level according to the intensity or type of light produced, while with manual models you would need several lenses for each type of work.

Number of sensors

The Helmets come with sensors that make the darkening of the lenses activate when necessary. The more sensors, the greater the protection capacity you will have.

Safety standards

Like any industrial safety equipment, there are different safety standards for welding Helmets related to the speed of darkening, the speed to change from one mode to another, the level of darkening, and more.

Make sure that the model you buy complies with the established regulations.

Design and comfort

Modern Helmets have sporty designs quite similar to those of motorcycle helmets.

They can also come with parts that go up and down to fit your face, adjustable bands that give you adequate and firm support, as well as lightweight and durable materials such as fiberglass or polymers.

The important thing is that it is firmly attached to your face and that you feel comfortable using it.

Solar or battery power?

Electronic Helmets can run on batteries, with solar energy or in a combination of both.

What you choose will be a matter of preference, just remember to leave the solar energy for a while or always have a couple of spare batteries for the others.

Field of view

Look for professional welding Helmets with viewing angles of at least 180º. These will allow you to see the entire area and work in uncomfortable places with total ease.

Internal or external controls?

I recommend Helmets with external controls since you can access them and use them without removing your helmet.


Make sure that the chosen model protects your entire face to avoid areas exposed to burns and injuries.

Lens reaction time

We talk about the time it takes for the lens to react to the type of light or welding used and change the setting. The fastest models are the ones that offer the most protection. They can be 1/3600 seconds or up to 1/20000 s.

Why should you choose a welding helmet with automatic darkening?

Most of the best welding helmets on the market come with automatic darkening, a feature that can be useful when there are flashes while welding.

A flash can cause sunburn in the eyes, which causes great discomfort, a sensation that has been equated with having thrown sand into the eyes. By using an automatic darkening helmet, you will protect your eyes while working and uniquely when a flash is turned on.

Auto-darkening helmets also make it very simple to start work without flipping the helmet.

When you hit your bow, the sensors in your helmet will activate the shadow and you’ll be ready. This is especially useful to ensure that you weld along the seam.

The distraction of flipping a helmet sometimes results in welders who start at the wrong location. Automatic darkening eliminates this potential inconvenience.

The only thing to consider about an automatic darkening helmet is that learning to weld with an automatic darkening helmet will make it almost impossible to weld successfully with a helmet that does not offer this feature.

While automatic darkening is common, you are locking yourself in this kind of helmet in the foreseeable future.

Most welders have no problems with that, but it is a factor to consider.

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