2020 Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC 200 Amp Tig
2020 Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC 200 Amp Tig¸

The WeldPro, a 200GB welder, is designed with starters and professional welders.

It provides impressive performance despite the sub $1000 price.

Weldpro Digital TIG ACDC 200 Amp Machine

It comes in a yellow-tinted casing that is made of top-standard material. It feels knocked and durable, and falls would not simply damage it.

It weighs 60.9 pounds, which is not the highest but is lightweight enough to be carried from location to location.

One reason why many folks like this welder are the ease of use. It has amp control on its face panel, making it simple to run the machine.

The controls are well-defined and straightforward to understand.

It comes with a two-one welder, capable of using it as a stick welder or a TIG welder. So, you can use it with a range of materials. The inverter technology on the WeldPro 200GB welder makes it highly efficient.

As for power, it can use either a DC or AC type. Hence, the current running via the circuit does not affect your project in whatever condition you find yourself.

Weldpro TIG 200GD AC/DC TIG Welder
Weldpro TIG 200GD AC/DC TIG Welder

Duty cycles are within the general range for the best standard inverter TIG welder, perhaps more excellent than most.

Using the highest settings at 240V, the Weldpro duty cycle for AC TIG welding is forty percent 200A. DC TIG welding is relatively better, sixty percent 200A.

At around 100 bucks less than equivalent TIG welders in this class, the Weldpro digital 200GB is a genuine bargain.

It has the same capabilities as aluminum welding and thin stuff. It is a robust machine that should provide you with years of faithful service and has above-average duty cycles.

What is more, could you ask for?

For most, the digital controls should be an extra factor, though this is significantly much a personal preference.

TIG200ACDC CK version Package includes
TIG200ACDC CK version Package includes

TIG200ACDC CK version Package includes

  • Gas hose
  • Flowmeter
  • Foot pedal
  • Power adapter
  • Trigger button
  • CK17 Superflex head Weldpro torch
  • Weldpro CK 17 torch protection cover
  • Electrode holder: 5AWGx15 ft. cable35-50 quick connector
  • 5AWGx10 ft. cable35-50 quick connector 300A T-shape ground clamp
  • 3/32″ collect, 3/32″ calm the body, Electrode Pure Tungsten Green 3/32″, Electrode 2%Thoriated Red 3/32″, long back cap, Ceramic nozzle #4, 5, 6

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The workbench is an integral part of any workshop and many garages. It performs various operations for processing wood, plastic, and metal, as well as dismantling and assembling units. Thanks to stability and convenience, labor safety is increased, and employee fatigue is reduced.

You can install additional tools and devices that facilitate work on the workbench. Our review includes one of the best workbenches, weld pro digital tig 200gd, and 200 amp tig. So, see below the weldpro digital tig 200gd and 200 amp tig review.

Weldpro digital tig 200gd acdc 200 amp tig Overview:

The workbench model presented in our rating is one of the most multifunctional, making it suitable for a home, garage, or workshop.

The robust yet mobile design of the tool means compact storage thanks to the folding system and maximum stability during work due to the height-adjustable one of the legs. The working surface of the workbench is made of impact-resistant fiberboard, which has slots necessary for the quick installation of tools and fasteners.

The weldpro digital tig 200gd and 200 amp tig can be used as a bed for a circular saw, while the clamp and guide rail are supplied.

Almost any manual milling machine with a power of no more than 2 kW is suitable to turn the structure into a milling machine. By installing a jigsaw on the working surface, you can perform precise work on the curly cutting of small workpieces.

Thanks to the frame of this modular design made of aluminum, the workbench weighs only 24 kg while maintaining a load of up to 1,000 lbs.

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v 3 YEARS WARRANTY

$699.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

Weldpro digital tig 200gd acdc 200 amp tig Review:

The Express Folding Workbench permits you to make a work area anyplace in less than 3 seconds. Moving around a place of work or carport is minimal and straightforward and pleasantly overlaps for minimized capacity.

The enormous work surface with openings all through considers simple bracing during troublesome tasks. Its metal legs support 1,000 lbs of weight, extraordinary for those hardcore projects.

The DEWALT DWST1556 Workbench will be light and handy assistant for the carpenter. It is made of polypropylene, which is lightweight and UV resistant.

Adjustable height, sloping tabletop, and expandable tabletop area. The kit has two clamps, with which you can fix the processed workpieces. The design also includes a lower tabletop; it is convenient to store tools or materials on it to perform a specific operation.

Users consider The DEWALT DWST1556 Workbench to be the best folding work table. It is a convenient mobile table that behaves steadily during operation. Pleases the owners and the quality of materials. Among the shortcomings are a small number of holes in the countertop and a high price.

Despite its compact dimensions, this carpentry tool has better functionality and several outstanding advantages. This workbench features a unique vice synchronization system that allows one-handed clamping for optimal operator comfort. At the same time, to ensure the maximum force of fixing the workpiece, the control levers are made in the original form and have an anti-slip coating.

With this carpenter’s workbench, you can process the workpiece in a horizontal and vertical position. There are three different vise positions for this. The maximum helpful area of ​​the working surface (adjustable) is 740*541 mm.

The height of this model can also be adjusted to the desired parameters by choosing the optimally convenient position for the table size at the level of 620 or 800 mm. The ease of assembly, maintenance, and storage also make this versatile workbench a popular choice for users.

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  • Vertical and horizontal vise;
  • Millimeter scale;
  • Adjustable height;
  • Reliable, almost monolithic design;
  • Included is a plank to increase the width.
  • Withstands very high loads;
  • Folds and unfolds in seconds;
  • Withstands high loads;
  • There are compartments for storing tools;
  • Built-in vise in the amount of two pieces that do not change the geometry of the working space.


  • No perforated tool rack;
  • Small width;
  • A slight height difference between the tabletop elements (less than 0.5 mm);
  • The length of the legs is not adjustable; it is installed only on a flat floor;
  • Relatively small vise spreading width.
  • All parts are made of stamped cast steel.
  • Chips may appear on the surface;
  • The surface is prone to getting dirty;
  • On one of the faces, there is a semi-oval cutout.

2020 Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK 17 Worldwide Superflex Torch/with Trigger Switch Dual Voltage 220V/110V welding machine

$875.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

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When picking a workbench for the home, the ideal choice will probably be the DEWALT DWST1556 Workbench, recognized for its reasonable cost and usefulness.

The heaviness of workpieces handled on this machine shouldn’t exceed 100 kg. The metal design of the unit and a strong tabletop give it better security. On the functioning surface, there is an inch and metric scale; there is a protractor for the most extreme accommodation and exactness while working with this instrument.

The tabletop of the DEWALT DWST1556 Workbench is made of two sections, which are constrained by a sliding system, because of which it is feasible to repair a workpiece to 265 mm wide safely. The introduced model is outfitted with a collapsing system and weighs just 7 kg, significantly improving its capacity and transportation.

The DEWALT DWST1556 Workbench is comfortable and reliable. The well-designed design allows you to fold it for storage or transportation. But the main advantage of the device is a multifunctional countertop.

In particular, the tabletop for convenience supports tilting at an angle of up to 65 degrees. The built-in vise opens up to a width of 43 centimeters. The scope of delivery includes several clamping jaws for fixing various parts. Also, along with the workbench, there is an additional plank, with which you can increase the depth of the tabletop.

So, when folded, the tabletop has a depth (width) of 520 millimeters. But with an additional plate, you can increase it by 300 millimeters – it is installed in the vise opening. The maximum load on the countertop is 150 kilograms. And the full height of the workbench itself is 95 centimeters, and it supports regulation.

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Weldpro TIG 200GD AC/DC TIG Welder

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2020 Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK 17 Worldwide Superflex Torch/with Trigger Switch Dual Voltage 220V/110V welding machine

$875.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v 3 YEARS WARRANTY

$699.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm


$353.99  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

ESAB EMP215IC 120/230-Volt Dual Voltage Professional Grade MIG/TIG/Stick Welder

 in stock
12 new from $2,371.31
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Arc/Stick/Lift Tig (capable with optional torch) Welder with Dual Voltage 220V/110V

$366.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

Weldpro 200 Amp LCD Inverter 5 in 1 Multi Process Welder Dual Voltage 240V/120V Mig/Flux Core/Tig/Stick/Aluminum Spool Gun capable welding machine with New Features

$923.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

Weldpro 75 Amp Inverter Arc Stick Welder

$128.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

2020 Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Multi Process Welder with Dual Voltage 220V/110V Mig/Tig/Arc Stick 3 in 1 welder/welding machine

$770.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm

Weldpro Spool Gun 10' for Weldpro MIG200GDsv 200 amp MIG welder and MIG155GD removable torch welder

$153.00  in stock
as of May 23, 2024 1:42 pm
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