Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine
Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine

With products in over a dozen subcategories, Display4top knows how to manufacture quality products for many customers.

Their portable No Gas MIG 130 packs lots of worth into an affordable and small package.

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Features Display4top Welding Machine

This Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 is a glasses flux core welder with a durable solid stainless steel outer shell.

This helps keep their inner circuitry safe in garages and stores where heavy items are likely to puncture and fall.

From the small stature of this device, I did not think it’d outperform some of the costly welders I have used in the past.

But even with just a sample spool of budget flux core cable that ships with the device, the performance of this machine wowed me.

Rare can provide a 110V welder feature as reliably as this. People who tried flux core 5 or 10 years ago and wrote it off must try the newer budget flux cores.

They do not overheat as they utilize and match welds I have made with costly MIG machines.

That being said, there’re a few drawbacks to the Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130. Like most budget welders, the torch that ships with the device feels very cheap and takes time to get used to its quirks.

Loading the cable into the side of the device and connecting the spool requires three hands until you understand the system’s logistics.

Last, at eighteen pounds, sometimes it feels very lightweight. I love that this Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 runs a DC inverter.

Most budget welders opt for AC, which cannot output as much power as the DC option.

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What we like

  • Overload safety shelter Lightweight huge current range Compact
  • budget option

What we don’t like

  • Flimsy wire feed

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Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine
Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine

Possessing a welding machine is a game-changer. You can repair nearly any broken house parts with a decent welding machine. Possibilities will open when you possess a welding machine in your shop or home. One such welding machine is the Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine.

As you can see by the name, the flux core welding machine uses a constantly fed flux core utilized for welding. This results in nearly an automated welding procedure. Due to this, the display4top portable no-gas MIG 130 welding machine can be an excellent choice for large-scale tasks where you may have to produce or repair many objects.

So, let’s now find out more about the display4top portable no-gas MIG 130 welding machine in this review article below…

Overview Of The Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine

Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine
Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine


Display4top is among the smallest and newest brands of welders if compared with some other offerings, due to which it delivers numerous affordable welding machines.

This Display4top portable no gas MIG 130 welding machine is among the cheapest welders. Although it comes with an affordable price tag, you will get a standard and decent current output of 120AMPS. Moreover, its assigned duty cycle ratings of 35% are relatively higher than some expensive welders.

Considering the thickness of the material support, you can utilize it for working on around 5/32″ thick materials, which are pretty decent at this price. You even get a grounding clamp, welding gun, brush, protection mask, etc., in the box.

Nevertheless, being a relatively new brand of welding machines, you don’t get any guarantee. Here are a few highlights of the Display4top portable no-gas MIG 130 welding machine. Let’s have a look…

  • Protection For Overload Safety – The MIG 130 PLUS welding machine features a safety quality that is turned off automatically once it is too hot or the current and voltage exceed their max range. This process will keep you & your welding machine safe.
  • Gas Less, Flux-Cored Wire Welding Machine – Display4top portable no gas MIG 130 welding machine uses Flux-Cored Wire, suitable for welding stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc.
  • Display4top uses high-quality ABS flame-retardant plastic, which can protect your security during use.
  • Solid and Durable – Exquisite and compact MIG welding machine, made using heavy-duty stainless steel and painted with long-lasting red paint. Ensure its long-last life span serves as a strong & durable welder for your long-term utilization.
  • With its multi-air duct pattern, an electric welder can quickly and efficiently remove the generated heat during use, whereas promoting the fast and efficient heat excess of the fuselage and the control system offers a protection agent.
  • The humanized and safe design lets you learn your welding ideation anywhere. Whether outdoor or indoor work, it can allow you to carry it and weld things whenever you want.

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Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine Packing List:

  • 1 MIG130PLUS welder machine
  • One grounding clamp
  • 1 Welding gun
  • 1 Onerush
  • 1 Welding wire
  • 1 Weld mask

Features Of The Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine:

Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine
Display4top Portable No Gas MIG 130 Welding Machine
  • Digital LCD is a simple operation, the electricity can be modified per the work required to make the job more accessible, and beginners can even operate the welder well.
  • The inner copper setup can improve the main transformer output and make the welding electricity more stable, have good stability, and no electromagnetic noise, ensuring safety and achieving the ideal weld.
  • Stable and durable, energy-saving, lightweight, and with no electromagnetic noise.
  • The anti-sticking unit can control the tools from overloading. The built-in fan on the welding machine allows you to disperse heat and comes with an overheat, overcurrent, and overload protector.
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